The Ultimate LinkedIn Mastery Webinar

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I teamed up with social selling expert and TWICE best selling author Daniel Disney, to deliver a two hour LinkedIn masterclass teaching you everything you need to know to grow your personal brand and attract inbound leads on the world’s number one business platform.

This is a recording of a live webinar delivered in July 2021. Ensure that you never feel lost on LinkedIn again!


We have close to a million LinkedIn followers across our business and personal pages. Our content has been seen by more than 50 million people in just 18 months – that’s nearly 3 million PER MONTH! We’ve trained more than 2,000 people and the best bit?

Between us we have generated £MILLIONS in revenue for ourselves and our clients thanks to our proven LinkedIn strategies that really work to generate leads and sales.

Unlike so many others, we don’t just tell you what you should be doing – we’re actually doing it. We don’t teach because we can’t do what we teach, we teach you because we want to see you achieving amazing results as well.

Want to know the HOT TOPICS we’ll be BLOWING YOUR MIND with?

LinkedIn Profile Optimisation

  • Creating a customer-focused profile

  • Writing a killer headline

  • Crafting the perfect “about” section.

Growing a Valuable LinkedIn Network

  • How to find your perfect prospects and customers

  • Sending effective connection requests

  • Who to connect with and who not to connect with

Sending Conversation-Starting LinkedIn Messages

  • What to send and when to send it

  • No more sales pitches, but more sales conversations

  • Top tips for crafting written, audio, and video messages that get responses

Creating Engaging LinkedIn Content

  • Business content, personal content, and blending the two

  • How to create content that generates regular inbound leads

  • When and what to post

Building an INDUSTRY LEADING (and respected) Personal Brand

  • The importance of consistency

  • Commenting as well as creating

  • Getting visible in your industry

Phew, that is JAM-PACKED! That really does sound like the ULTIMATE LINKEDIN MASTERY, doesn’t it?

But we’re not done yet…

You’ll also get a BONUS SECTION!

How Not to Become an “InFlUeNcEr”, but become INFLUENTIAL on LinkedIn!

  • Quality versus quantity of connections and engagement

  • Followers versus fans

  • How to grow a brand and audience that will buy from you!

This is guaranteed to be the most fun and engaging webinar about LinkedIn (or anything) you will ever attend, and the very best thing you will do for your business this year.

We’re two sticks of social selling DYNAMITE rolled into one dynamic, intense experience.

And all of this for just £99 - a fraction of the price of private coaching with one of us, and you get both of us!

Are you ready to EXPLODE your presence on LinkedIn?

Grab a copy of the recording now!