The Ultimate DIY LinkedIn Profile

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There has never been anything like this created for your LinkedIn profile before.

This resource is packed with all the LinkedIn profile knowledge I've acquired whilst building an organic LinkedIn network of more than 167,000 followers in under three years, and having successfully worked with over 4,000 business people, training them to generate regular inbound leads by leveraging the unrivalled business power of the LinkedIn platform, resulting in generating multiple six figures of revenue for my own business in that time.

Let me be really clear.

If you want to attract your ideal clients on LinkedIn you absolutely must put in the effort to create a great profile. It's your personal landing page, and your best opportunity to sell your product or service to the people you want to buy it.

But what if you can't afford a professional copywriter?

And your graphic design skills peak at MS Paint?

Or maybe you're still new to LinkedIn and you're not quite convinced it's the place to find your clients so you're not willing to invest £200 on a graphic designer, £300 on a videographer, and £400 on a copywriter?

You love those well designed carousels the influencers are producing, and those eye-catching banners, professional profile photos, and captivating cover videos are reeling in clients for everyone else... but you're more of a left-brainer. The last time you tried to be creative you were sticking your hands together with PVA glue whilst your mum unstuck rogue sequins from the cat. Felix had bald spots for weeks.

It's okay though, because you are exactly who this incredible, and entirely unique resource is for!

What's in it?

- A complete, simple guide to filling in your whole LinkedIn profile, section by section, with helpful instructions and images, so you cannot go wrong.

- 12 pre-made, fully customisable Canva templates for your LinkedIn profile banner, including all the elements you need with the correct placement to work on both the LinkedIn app and on desktop. 

- 6 pre-made, fully customisable Canva templates for your LinkedIn profile photo - add coloured backgrounds, patterns, banners, or coloured rings with ease.

- A professionally copywritten template 'About' section that you can copy and edit to suit your business/service, based on the proven format that generates endless leads for my LinkedIn coaching clients.

- 12 Pre-made, fully customisable carousel templates for how-tos, tips, or anything else you want to use them for. Carousels create great engagement on LinkedIn as they are visual, and the information is enjoyable and simple to consume. You can edit the logo, colours, fonts, images and text to suit your brand, based on formats I use for my own carousels that consistently result in messages from my dream clients.

- 12 Pre-made, fully customisable testimonial carousel templates. Repurpose your client testimonials from Google, Facebook, screen shots, emails, or LinkedIn, in a brand-enhancing, scroll stopping format. 

Plus full instructions on how to use Canva templates, and discounted complementary service offers. 

So, instead of forking out large sums of money on various professionals to create all the separate parts of your LinkedIn profile, invest in just one product that enables you to create a professional quality profile and social posts, which can be reused time and again to create new content whenever you need. And all for a fraction of the cost. 

Grab your copy and it will be our little secret.