Marketers for Moldova - Fundraising for Hope4

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A collection of powerful articles written by experienced, expert marketers, covering a HUGE range of marketing subjects. 

All proceeds from the sale of this resource go to, a charity on the ground in Moldova, working tirelessly to support victims of human trafficking, and refugees from Ukraine. 

Contributors and content: 

Sophie Miller - 3 Easy Tips for Smashing Your Content Across MULTIPLE Platforms

Mike Winnet - Your business is NOT on YouTube?! 😲

Michelle J Raymond - Boosting SEO of Company Pages on LinkedIn

Lewis Kemp - Disruptive Marketing: The Secret Weapon To Marketing On A Budget

Vanessa Ashworth - The Career-Boosting Benefits of a Compelling Value Proposition

Adriana Samra - 10 Ways to PromoteYour Online Store Without Paying for Ads

Silvia Coletto - 6 Things To Nail Before Running Google Ads

John Espirian - Top 5 LinkedIn Commenting Tips

Katherine Jones - Influencer Marketing

Shoaib Ahmed - How to make an IMPACT on LinkedIn in 2023

Keith Landberger - Underestimate Customer Awareness at Your Peril

Michelle Eshkeri - How to write blog posts that will rank on Google

Dave Harland - How to write an unignorable social media advert on the fly

Jackie Hermes - 5 Ways to Attract Better Prospects on LinkedIn 

Jamie Shields - New Year, New Accessible You

Joe Glover - Community and marketing, what’s the deal?

Tasleem Ahmad Fateh - My Three core principles to creating highly engaging content

John Brophy - Simple, entertaining emails anyone can create in just 15 minutes

Amy Elliott - Putting Personality in Your Copy

Fiona Bradley - The Power of Paid Marketing

Nicki Martin - LinkedIn Engagement Strategy

Mike Walters - 10 Ways to Position Your Offer as a No-Brainer with Your Landing Page

Richard van der Blom - How to Use Your LinkedIn Featured Section as a Game Changer

Milou Pietersz - 5 Action-Steps to Establish a Memorable Brand on Instagram

Niraj Kapur - The Power of Vulnerability in Marketing 

Ellie Middleton - Your Uniqueness is a Powerful Marketing Tool

Katie Rollings - Feel Good Marketing

Maayan Gordon - How to Create the Perfect TikTok Strategy

Christopher Wright & Charli Hunt - What is Key Messaging?

Jordan Vickery - Repurposing podcasts & lives to create 25+ pieces of content that your audience will love