Making LinkedIn Simple Digital Course

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Learn how I gained 125,000+ followers on LinkedIn and achieved a six figure revenue in under a year, without cold messaging or spending a single penny on ads!

In my first 24 months on LinkedIn, I had...

✔ Gained 125,000+ followers (after starting with just 400)

✔ Generated over 1,000 inbound clients (without ads)

✔ Quit my dead-end job, working for minimum wage

✔ Built a successful, six-figure business

Now, I'm helping others to leverage the power of LinkedIn and change their lives for the better...

Get my simple, step-by-step strategy that will help you find your ideal clients, convert them into engaged followers and (of course) make more money!

No more cold messaging, engagement pods, growth hacks or self-doubt. In this course, I cut through the noise and show you a super-simple way of finding your ideal followers and converting them into paying clients... without being "salesy".

Gain instant access to 6 video modules, giving you the simple yet effective secrets of how to...

✔ Create a compelling LinkedIn profile that not only grabs your ideal client’s immediate attention but also has them sliding into your DMs... ready to talk business!

✔ Find your ideal clients with laser precision and save yourself countless hours of aimlessly engaging with the wrong people and inevitably giving up!

✔ Churn out quality content every week by knowing exactly what to post and when to post it. With this course, you’ll never run out of great content ideas that will position you at the top of your ideal clients' feeds every single day!

✔ No longer despise LinkedIn and actually enjoy your time on the platform, by engaging with people in a way that builds connections, establishes trust & converts total strangers into engaged followers… and (of course) paying clients!

...and a whole lot more!

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Making LinkedIn Simple Workbook PDF (originally valued at £29)

✔ 3 Months of Content Prompts PDF (originally valued at £35)

✔ Bonus Webinar (100 Minutes) (originally valued at £99)

✔ Access to my Private Slack Community 


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