Lea 🌈 Turner


After running my small admin company for 10 years, I came to LinkedIn to try to find more clients.

As it happened, what I found was an avalanche of clients and followers, that quickly saw me steer my business in a new direction.

Within six months, I had amassed over 30,000 followers and had more than 70 inbound clients.

This continued to accelerate and I began to train other people to use content marketing, social selling, and strategic network building to attract clients, grow their businesses and increase their income.

LinkedIn has changed my life, taking me from a lone mum on low income being shifted from rental house to rental house, to having a business I love and am really flippin’ good at, buying a home of my own, and providing the stability I’ve always wanted for my little boy.

It has brought opportunities far beyond anything I’ve dared to dream.

I’ve built a strong community, a trusted brand, and a network of more than 125,000 (and still growing rapidly) supporters who reciprocate the advice and support I offer them.

I am beyond passionate about putting good out into the world and believe that honesty and integrity are pivotal in that pursuit, as well as a healthy dose of creativity and fun in everything I do.

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Dexter Turner


At just 6 years old, Dexter calls the shots around here. He's the WHY for everything I do. He likes Lego, colouring, football, and unicorns, and spends his spare time feeding every dog in the park with treats he sneaks in his pockets.

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Rooster & Bronson


These two rascals make regular appearances on my Zoom calls and are a key component in the Lea Turner Company Wellness plan. There’s nothing a dog snug can’t make better after a stressful day.