LinkedIn Training Services

My training sessions are entirely bespoke and focus on what you want to achieve using LinkedIn.

Whether you want a 1-2-1 for yourself or a group session for your business or with other individuals, my training covers a lot of ground.

You don’t need a six-week mastermind to really crack the code of LinkedIn. My single session training will give you all the tools you need to succeed on the platform and start generating inbound leads. It will also give you the confidence and inspiration to want to explore and embrace the true potential of this powerful business network.

The information contained in my training will help you achieve your objectives effectively, and without wasting time scrolling aimlessly, not knowing where to focus your attention. I also provide an incredible package of comprehensive resources, including a four-week content and engagement plan to help you start to build your presence on LinkedIn following our training session.

To book your session or find out more about them, please select one of the options below.

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Want to hear what my clients say for themselves? Here’s Katie McManus, Specialist Business Coach for Entrepreneurs, on how I’ve helped her to use LinkedIn to transform her business.

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What my clients say

“Lea’s LinkedIn training is a must! I’ve been gravitating more and more towards LinkedIn, but I was clueless as to how to use it to my advantage. After 90 minutes of online training, I am now a LinkedIn guru! Okay, that might be an exaggeration, but I certainly know a heck of a lot more and, most importantly, I’ve found the confidence to engage more and put some original content out there. If 90 minutes of Lea’s sage advice isn’t enough to convince you, let me tell you about the resources - an awesome PDF so you don’t need to scribble notes throughout your training session AND a year of content prompts! Frankly, those alone are worth Lea’s fees. In case it’s not entirely obvious, the take home is that you NEED to work with Lea, even if you don’t think you do. Get on with it and book some training with her. You won’t look back.”

Isobel Willoughby
Corporate and Commercial Solicitor

What my clients say

“Obviously the £200k+ of business through LinkedIn since following Lea’s methodology has been great, but I’m more excited about the other opportunities that have come out of the development of my personal brand and raising my profile in my industry. I’ve now been called an influencer... I mean, in 2021, does it get any better? Without Lea I wouldn’t have discovered how to use my story to stand out. I am forever grateful.”

Rupert Bassadone
Founder, Event Site Design

What my clients say

“I had a brilliant online coaching session with Lea recently. Her energy, knowledge, and sense of humour are all brilliant, and I've had great results, including paid work, since implementing her tactics. Her approach is brilliant, no B.S., and all based on her own experience and successes (of which there are many!). Compared to some other LinkedIn coaches, she will actually engage with your content after the paid session and continues to be a great support, recently passing me a lead and adding me to her LI group. 100% would recommend. I've sent several people to her already. Thanks very much!”

Nathan Lomax-Cooke
Video Content Creation Expert

What my clients say

“Lea transformed my approach to LinkedIn and ultimately helped me to embrace being myself in business. Her advice was straightforward, uncomplicated, and really worked. This time last year, I had 1,000 connections on LinkedIn and had never won any business through the platform. Since talking to Lea, I now have almost 20,000 connections and regularly win business through LinkedIn. She helps build confidence and bring out personality you didn’t know you had. I’ve recommended her to so many of our customers already!”

Rebecca Brown
Customer Experience Expert, Think Wow

What my clients say

“Lea is knowledgeable, generous, and genuine. In 90 minutes, she covers more than some coaches do in 12-week courses. I think by now everyone on LinkedIn knows how effective her skills are. What they might not know is that she’s exactly the same offline as she is online. What makes her really stand out for me is that she’s a lovely, well-grounded person and she really cares about helping you succeed. She really does overdeliver.”

Shabnam Rajah

What my clients say

“This woman is worth her weight in gold! I thought I was pretty good on LinkedIn until I had some coaching from Lea. It changed the game. Her personal approach and creative talent have brought the same out in my content and how I use the platform. The results have been out of this world. I’m working on projects which are incredible, picked up great clients, helped so many on their financial journey and I’ve barely even scratched the surface yet. I cannot recommend this amazing lady enough. Top, top coach, knows her stuff, and is setting this place on fire and I’m fanning the flames!”

Ian Dempsey
Financial Advisor

What my clients say

“Had a great coaching session with Lea. 90 minutes flew by, and her down-to-earth, friendly, and no-nonsense approach is really refreshing. She provided some real insights into the way the LinkedIn algorithm works, and ways to fine-tune both profile and posting habits, to maximise success. I'd have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Lea to anyone who wants to turbocharge their LinkedIn activities.”

Andy Clark
Managing Director, Communication Sector