Company Training

with Lea 🌈 Turner

I offer lively and engaging LinkedIn training sessions for small or large groups either online or in person. 

Firstly, why should your team be active on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is the biggest - and fastest growing - professional social media platform. It has over 810 million users worldwide, nearly 60% of which are millennial age (25-41), and four out of five LinkedIn users drive business decisions.  A team who are equipped with the skills to use LinkedIn well, can build your brand reputation, establish powerful relationships, increase company visibility, and attract inbound clients to your business regularly, without any additional marketing spend.  It's a no-brainer, really!

Here are a few of the amazing companies I've had the pleasure of working with.

So, what do we cover?

Once I've introduced myself, and given your group an idea of the exciting possibilities LinkedIn can present with a few case studies of my previous clients, we will delve right into the good stuff. 

1. Profile Guidance

The profile is the main hub of everything you do on LinkedIn, with your engagement and posts designed to lead people to your profile to find out about your company and what you have to offer. I will guide you through each important element of LinkedIn profiles, with examples of great ones, to ensure everyone fully understands how to create their own. You'll also receive my Ultimate DIY LinkedIn Profile Guide (RRP £199) including professional templates for every aspect of the profile.

2. The Mysterious Algorithm

The LinkedIn algorithm is a mysterious beast, but there are certain things you can do, and shouldn't do, to ensure you're reaching the maximum eyeballs with every well-crafted, brand-enhancing post. We will also discuss the importance of consistency - not just with content, but with commenting, to maximise visibility and improve your teams' personal brands, and your company reputation. 

Once we (and possibly my dogs) have introduced ourselves on Zoom, we will go over the notes I made before we met, including what you’re doing well, and what needs work (and why and how).

We’ll also discuss your visual brand and any recommendations to make it more impactful for your ideal clients.

You’ll receive a copy of my Ultimate DIY Profile Guide (RRP £199) after session one, which is jam-packed with simple step-by-step instructions for every element of your profile, and professionally designed templates allowing you to create a fully optimised LinkedIn profile to be proud of. We will then delve into the mysterious LinkedIn algorithm.

You’ll learn how to leverage it to increase the visibility of you, your brand, and your content, and grab your ideal client's attention with your new-look profile.

I’ll then demonstrate four tested and highly effective ways for you to find, engage, connect with, and convert your ideal clients without sending a single outbound sales message. Intrigued?

You should be…

3. Growing Your Network

I’ll demonstrate four highly effective ways to locate active users that you want to do business with, engage with them, and add them to your network - without sending cold messages - helping you to increase your active network of relevant contacts who will engage with your content and boost brand visibility, as well as regularly see your team's content, and learn why you're a company they'd want to work with. 

4. Content

And now for the best bit; we'll discuss the creative side of your LinkedIn strategy:

  • What makes good scroll stopping content that starts conversations and builds the company reputation and visibility
  • How to come up with content ideas regularly (tips and hacks all my clients use to never run dry)
  • How to write or record engaging content to start conversations with your ideal clients
  • Time-saving content repurposing ideas
  • What content pillars you should be considering to attract your clients/candidates

5. Question Time

Got a burning question about a particular aspect of LinkedIn, a content idea you're dying to discuss, or anything else at all, I always allow enough time to answer your queries and leave you and your team with as much clarity over your imminent LinkedIn strategy as I can.

Bonus Resources

And on top of all of this, you will also receive the following fantastic resources to support your new LinkedIn strategy, and keep you consistent and inspired:

  • A copy of my LinkedIn Lowdown with highlights of everything we’ve covered in the call.
  • A copy of my Year of Content Prompts for Uninspired Days, so the content well never runs dry. (£99 RRP)
  • A copy of The Ultimate DIY LinkedIn Profile Guide (described above)
  • If we're doing the training on Zoom, you will also receive a recording of the call to revisit whenever you need

Whether you choose to work with me online or in-person, these sessions are fun, engaging, and make success on LinkedIn simple, exciting, and achievable for all. 

Training sessions online are hosted on Zoom and run for 2 hours. For in-person events, please allow 3 hours. 


Hour 2 of 2

The second half of our first session is entirely dedicated to content. The really fun bit!

During this hour, we’ll deep dive into...

  • What makes scroll–stopping content that starts conversations with your ideal clients
  • How to create content that converts clients by building trust and authority within your niche
  • How to connect with your community to reinforce professional relationships
  • Where to find never-ending content ideas to use and reuse with content repurposing techniques
  • Creating video, images, carousels, newsletters, live streaming, as well as text

Finally, for session one (phew!), you’ll have what I like to call your personal content consultation. This is a fancy pants name for me (lightly) grilling you about your life and career.

The package you’re purchasing includes 30 personalised content prompts to give you a powerful kickstart to creating engaging, client converting content. And to create them, I need to know the good stuff.

If your anxiety spiked thinking about that, let me reassure you, I’m extremely easy to talk to, and there is never, ever any judgement.

I solemnly swear not to pry about anything too personal, and you do not have to post about anything you’re not comfortable with, although, I have an unusual talent for knowing what content will resonate with the LinkedIn community (evidenced by my consistently high engagement and one of the most well-trusted brands on the platform).

So, if you allow me to know more about who you are, what makes you tick, your strengths, weaknesses, and why you do it all, I can provide a bespoke and comprehensive list of content ideas that will spark fascinating, relevant conversations, and will propel your personal brand to dizzying heights.

Following our first session, you’ll receive a PDF guide covering everything in the session, the call recording, and a series of follow up emails with tasks and tips to get your profile built, start connecting, engaging, and creating.

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Six-Week Follow-Up

Our 45-minute follow-up call will take place on Zoom. I will feed back regarding your progress, and you can ask me any questions and explore in more depth anything you feel you need further support on.

After our final call, you will receive the notes I have made and a copy of the recording of the call, for your future use.

You’ll also have lifetime membership to my private Slack community for ongoing support from myself and the 100+ other members, so you’re never on this journey alone!

Are you ready to... 

Skyrocket your company's visibility, brand reputation, and empower your team to create powerful, trusted personal brands that attract your ideal clients directly to your inbox?

Total investment for the entire package above is just £2999 for online sessions
and £3999 for in-person training days. 

All prices are subject to VAT where applicable, and travel expenses are not included.